Benefits of Magnetic Soaps

A'yanah Anu Bey

Posted on March 08 2015

Magnetism has always been a part of mankind's healing armamentarium. The earliest mention of the magnet as a healing agent is one of the four Vedas on the treatise of medicine - The Atharvaveda. Many indigenous and ancient civilizations - including the Hebrews, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Egyptians, and Greeks - used magnets for healing. According to Legend, Cleopatra wore a magnetic amulet on her forehead to preserve her youth; this placement put it near the brain's magnetically sensitive pineal gland.

Magnets work by emitting a static magnetic field much like that of the Earth’s magnetic field, which is essential for life and is necessary for us to maintain optimal health. Magnets have two different poles - a positive pole and a negative pole. The energy field created by magnets will help to restore the physical and subtle energy body, to complete balance and alignment. Magnetic fields drop off quickly with distance, the closer the magnet is to the skin the better. Magnets increase blood flow, bringing more oxygen and nutrients while flushing away waste products. Magnets help to circulate the blood by some interaction with the iron in hemoglobin, a major component of red blood cells; Magnets help restore your flow and balance to your electromagnetic energy!

How magnetic help your energy

Healing is about restoring balance to the body. The physical body is electrical energy and is affected by anything with an electromagnetic field - such as magnets. New scientific research tells us the birds, animals, fish and other creatures use magnetic lines on earth for their migration patterns; They navigate and sense using Earth's magnetic field. Animals and humans have a magnetic field which surrounds them - very much in the same way the magnetic field surrounds the Earth as its protector.

In recent years there have been many articles published online about the earth's magnetic field weakening causing birds to fly to places they're not supposed to be and whales are beaching themselves on land where it's supposed to to be water as far as they're concerned. The weakening of the earths magnetic field is already causing major problems. Life Is Good 13soaps™ Is all about helping the people & the planet. So if the Earth's Magnetic Field is weakening we want to help! We created a Magnetic Soap to help boost and protect your magnetic field! Every time you shower you increase blood flow to help build up your bodies magnetic field! Our Dark Matter Magnetic Soap increases blood flow by separating blood cells allowing cells to pick up more oxygen and release more energy while flushing away waste products from your blood stream! Get your energy right and build up your Magnetic Field around your body every time you shower!


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