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Posted on March 20 2015

Life Is Good 13Soaps™

For the Love of Animals People & The Planet! 13Soaps.com

Thank you TLC for your continued support! We are grateful for allowing us to provide you with quality products that nourish your temple & benefit the planet at the same time! Our quality is always improving. We now add extra Organic Coconut Oil to all of our soaps for extra moisture! our soaps are now 5 oz! Larger for longer lasting soaps!! We are doing our part in giving back & encourage you to do the same. We all have something to give! Let us raise the consciousness of our minds & continue walking this path to 13righteousness! We appreciate every one of you! 13Love!

Take 15% off your next purchase! Details below. 13Soaps.com

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  • Kevin : April 17, 2015

    Do you guys have a store where you can actually buy?Or is it online only.live not to far from you guys..Raspect

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