How to strengthen your Electromagnetic Field

A'yanah Anu Bey

Posted on June 28 2015

How to strengthen your Electromagnetic Field

How to strengthen your Electromagnetic Field by

Here are a few tips to help build your electromagnetic field daily!

  • Sunlight! Get plenty of sunlight if you want to be disease free! The sun rays give pure nutrients to the whole planet! Our skin is full of pores and can absorb the suns energy direct via photosynthesis; just like plants! Sunlight also aids in decalcifying the pineal gland to strength your connection back to the cosmos! Improve blood circulation, boost the immune system and build your electromagnetic energy with just one hour of sunlight a day.


  • Plant your Feet! When you ground your bare feet back onto Mother Earth you begin to soak up millions of electrons that help in detoxifying the body to improve the overall wellness of the body! Connect back to nature; plant your feet! When you plant your feet you fill your entire body with mother earths electrons which is her information! Learn to navigate though life effortlessly; Replant your feet and reconnect!


  • Young Coconut! Coconut water can be used to substitute blood when plasma is low! Coconut Water is the purest form of hydration on the planet. Mother Nature grows coconuts in the shape of a motherly breast showing us know that this is the mothers milk on the planet. Nourish and Hydrate your body and mind while strengthening your magnetic field! Drink a fresh Young Coconut a day!


  • Spirulina! Spirulina is one of the most nutritious and concentrated food sources on the planet. High in Protein! Spirulina gives oxygen to your blood and also removes toxins from the blood! Spirulina is packed with melanin which is the building block of all life in this planet. Strengthen your magnetic field and feel your spirit vibrate get your chlorophyll on baby! ;)


  • Melons! Watermelons, Honeydew Melons, Cantaloupes Melons are all hydrating making them great for maintaining healthy skin! Remember to only eat melons that have seeds! Melons are great for building up your melanin count! Nature grows an abundance of melons in the summer to keep our minds and bodies hydrated with knowledge and information! Get your information straight from mother nature! Eat more Melons and repair your D.N.A!


  • Green Vegetables! All vegetables are loaded with Chlorophyll which purifies the blood and detoxifies heavy metals from the body. Green vegetable oxygenate the blood, clean the liver, colon and kidneys! We need our greens if we want to keep our body and spirit healthy. The human Blood Cell and Plant Blood cell are almost identical on a molecular level. This is clear that we are not separate from nature but are one with nature! Our bodies are designed to eat live and electric foods to keep us connection to the universes vibrations. Get your greens on on Detox!


  • Dark Matter Magnetic Soap (Magnets!) Magnets help increase blood flow; when a magnet is placed on the skin blood cells begin to separate giving them more oxygen which results in more energy! We are electromagnetic beings and need our magnetic field to be strong if we want to live a healthy and happy life. Almost all disease found in humans is due to energy blockages. When we keep our magnetic field strong disease will not exist because your bodies are vibrating on higher levels of consciousness. Boost and Protect your magnetic field every time you shower! Our Dark Matter Magnetic Soap is available at


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  • Vinoth: November 19, 2017

    I have mobile radiation problem. I was not able to talk even 1 min through mobile phone. I get irritated, headache..
    Does this increase in electromagnetic energy will give improvement ?

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