10 Benefits Of Exercising In Nature

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Posted on August 11 2015

10 Benefits Of Exercising In Nature

Research suggests that outdoor exercise has more health benefits than a trip to the gym. Here are 10 good reasons to take your workout outside:

1. Fresh air has more oxygen which raises serotonin levels.
2. Green landscapes make you feel happier and less stressed.
3. Being in nature triggers primal regions of our brain and psyche.
4. Nature is full of sensory stimulation.
5. Nature increases feelings of well-being and lowers depression.
6. Exercising outdoors puts more demands on your body and burns more calories.
7. Exercising in the open air helps you think more clearly.
8. Sun exposure increases vitamin D levels ensuring healthy bones and teeth and is also associated with lowering blood pressure.
9. Outdoor activity encourages more activity.
10. It’s FREE!

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