15 Health benefits of wonder plant - Wheat grass

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Posted on September 24 2015

The greenery spread around is filled with many wonder plants and herbs that are still unaware from us. Many looks very simple but are filled with immense benefits. They are like diamonds; don’t possess an artificial shine but are filled with brilliant glaze. Here, our concerned topic is on “Wheat grass”. It is a crop plant. When it grows with tender leaflets; then those shiny green leaves are no more than a nectar for humans.

What is Wheat grass?

Wheat also called ‘genhu‘ in Hindi is a crop plant. We humans consume chapatis and many other dishes prepared from it. In India, rice and wheat are the two major crops which are raised in a large-scale. The wheat grass looks similar as the doob grass. The chief constituent of wheat grass is ‘chlorophyll’ The chlorophyll molecule bears close resemblance to haemoglobin. Earlier, the benefits and its treating methods was unknown. But, these small leaves were used to cure diseases like brain ulcer, peritonitis and many more.

In this brief passage, you must be getting its wonder properties. In village and countryside, these small grasses are abundantly found. But, what about city areas. Here, we will be talking how to grow and use this. It is important even, as a fact; if nectar also given in indefinite amount acts as a potent poison. So, lets proceed-

How to grow Wheat grass:-

  • Wheat grass can be grown in any sheltered place where the direct and bold sun rays don’t reach. The temperature should be mild.
  • Soak a handful of wheat in water for 8-10 hours.
  • After that, drain the water and allow the seeds to develop into sprouts for 15 hours.
  • Now use earthen pots or wooden trays to grow the wheat grass.
  • They should be filled with compost manure.
  • Cover them with  dark cloth or keep away from sunlight.
  • Water sprinkling should be done once to twice a day.

How to use Wheat grass:-

  • As you notice that the grasses are developed 5-7 inches high, cut them with scissor.
  • It should be immediately washed and ground.
  • The juice should be extracted using a fine cloth.
  • Keep in mind, every minute of delay; the pulp looses its efficacy. And the complete medicinal value is lost 3-4 hours after cutting.

  • Vitamin A, B, C
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Cobalt
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Dietary fibres
  • Water

15 Health benefits of Wheat grass:-

  1. In order to avoid oral problems like sore throat, pyorrhoea, tooth decay etc; chew wheat grass. It checks bacterial growth and also draws out toxins from the gums.
  2. Regular drinking of wheat grass is very useful in the cure of Skin diseases. It has been scientifically proved that chlorophyll arrests harmful bacteria.
  3. Wheat grass is used to detoxify the walls of the colon. On a daily basis, 100-125 ml of wheat grass juice should be given. It helps to cure the disorders of colon, mucus, colitis, constipation and bleeding piles.
  4. The chlorophyll content present in wheat grass juice improves the functioning of lungs and heart. It is also beneficial in Anaemia. Thus, wheat grass is highly beneficial in the treatment of circulatory disorders.
  5. In case of eyesight, cataract and other eye problems; have wheat grass juice on a daily basis.
  6. If you are tensed and worried about hair problems like; premature greying, hair baldness, alopecia, falling of hair. The best nd the easiest cure is wheat grass juice.
  7. Wheat grass contains chlorophyll and several enzymes which slows down the ageing process. One who are habituated of having wheat grass juice daily; not only the physique but the organs even respond actively.
  8. Wheat grass arrests the growth of harmful bacteria thus keeps you away from bacterial infections and diseases.
  9. For the strong immunity and increased longevity, have wheat grass juice; also plant it around your surroundings.
  10. Chlorophyll fights inflammation of joint pain. thus it is very useful in the treatment of Arthritis and Gout related problems. It is also beneficial to cure joint pains and other pains.
  11. Wheat grass is able to restore and revitalize the liver. It has its effective benefits on liver; it cleanses your liver and erases any disease from it.
  12. Wheat grass improves glucose levels in body. For diabetic patients, it’s a good remedy. One should take the juice with few drops of lemon in it.
  13. Cancer is a disease which occurs in the body; where there is lack of oxygen. Chlorophyll present in wheat grass provided ample oxygen to your body; thus decreases the risk of cancer production in body.
  14. For the treatment of sinus congestion; inhale it or have its juice. It will break up the mucus and clearing the congestion.
  15. Apply the pulp of wheat grass or have its juice. It is useful to cure skin problems like eczema, dryness and discolouration.

Source: http://www.theayurveda.org/ayurveda/herbs/15-health-benefits-of-wonder-plant-wheat-grass/


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