Health Benefits of Sitting Next to Trees

Juan Gomez

Posted on February 01 2016

Health Benefits of Sitting Next to Trees

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. Chinese Taoist Masters believe trees hold powerful healing properties, as well as the ability to absorb negative energy and turn it into positive energy (much like they do with carbon dioxide into oxygen).

An experiment conducted in 2004 by Japan’s National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization indicated that people who simply looked at a forest for twenty minutes had a lower concentration of the stress hormone, cortisol, in their bodies. Furthermore, a significant amount of research has shown that simply being in nature and amongst the trees helps to decrease stress and anxiety, thereby increasing a number of health benefits.

This is demonstrated by the Japanese concept, Shinrin-yoku, meaning “forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere”, which was developed in the 1980’s, and has become central to preventative healthcare in Japan. It is a simple concept based on the idea that if a person walks in a relaxed way in nature, they can achieve restorative health benefits.  Proven health benefits of Shinrin-yoku include increased immune functioning, reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, improved sleep and mood, increased energy, and accelerated recovery times.

It is believed that the best trees for healing are big trees, particularly pine trees as they radiate Chi (energy or the life force), nourish blood, strengthen nervous systems, and contribute to long lives.


Here are 7 Health Benefits of Sitting Next to Trees:

Health Benefits of Sitting Next to Trees

  1. Helps Eliminate Negative Energy

  2. Cleanses Aura Field

  3. Endues relaxed State of Mind

  4. Shares 13Wisdom and 13Knowledge

  5. Brings Mental 13Clarity™

  6. Lowers Stress & Anxiety Levels

  7. Strengthens Nervous Systems.


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