Castile Soap Uses and Benefits

A'yanah Anu Bey

Posted on January 23 2018

Castile Soap Uses and Benefits


Castile Soap Uses and Benefits




                 Castile Soap is a natural soap originating from Castile Spain. Unlike most soap which are made from animal fats, Castile soap is plant based, produced from oils such as olive, coconut and hemp. Castile Soap like most soaps are considered alkaline because they usually register at about 8.9 on the pH scale. Because Castile Soap is non toxic and slightly alkaline it can be used without wearing gloves while cleaning and will even have a rejuvenating effect on skin. Castile Soap is soo versatile it is commonly used to clean tough messes around the house and is even used as a staple health and beauty product.




 So just how does Castile Soap work? According to an article by, “Soap is made up of molecules with two very different ends. One end of soap molecules love water - they are hydrophilic . The other end of soap molecules hate water - they are hydrophobic. Hydrophobic ends of soap molecule all attach to the oil. Hydrophilic ends stick out into the water. This causes a drop of oil to form:These drops of oil are suspended in the water. This is how soap cleans your hands - it causes drops of grease and dirt to be pulled off your hands and suspended in water. These drops are washed away when you rinse your hands.”
Also soap is known to cause bacteria to loosen its grip soo it can be washed away making soap and water the original way to wash away germs and bacteria. These grease eliminating germ fighting properties make Castile Soap the perfect all around go to for house hold cleaning. Especially effective for cleaning greasy pots and pans, oven hoods, stove tops, and oily spills. Can be mixed with water and added to a spray bottle to create a multi surface spray that can be used on countertops, showers, sinks and any day to day thing that needs tidying. Can be added to a container with towelettes to create a batch of all natural, non toxic cleaning wipes and more. Castile Soap is surely a way to save money and clean your entire home with just one product. But not only is it great as a “green cleaning” option for your home. It’s great for your health and beauty needs as well.


            Because of its alkaline pH level Castile Soap helps skin look and feel more hydrated and rejuvenates cells. Detoxification of the skin is its way of making it look flawless and pimple free. Once the pH balance of skin is maintained, important food nutrients can be more easily absorbed through the skin. This contributes in giving you a more youthful glow. It’s no wonder Castile Soap is the go to for many D.I.Y natural bath and body products. You can create custom beauty products tailored to your specific needs with just castile soap and vegetable and essential oils. Create a gentle face wash by adding castile soap, jojoba oil, essential oils and water to a foaming dispenser. You can mix Castile Soap with coconut milk  for a great shampoo. Castile Soap is great as a shaving cream when mixed with rose water and coconut oil. Because of its great lather, unlike common soap, Castile Soap is great to use to create a luxurious bubble bath. There are endless benefits and uses Castile Soap can have for your health and beauty needs but the best thing about Castile Soap is its gentle impact on mother Earth.



 Because our Castile Soap does not contain synthetic fragrances or detergents it does not upset the balance of the environment when it enters the wastewater stream. Our Castile Soap is biodegradable, sustainably sourced and made with renewable energy. We believe we should leave the Earth beautiful for the generations to come so each bottle of 13Soaps Castile Soap you purchase has helped to plant a native tree in the North West Amexum. You can save money and benefit from a clean home, healthy skin, and a clean conscience.  Visit our website to pick up a bottle of 13Soaps Castile Soap Today!

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