The Moors

Tariq Moore Bey

Posted on January 12 2017

The Moors

Our El Moor Soap is here to sail your tempEL beyond the 7seas of shower streams…to the origins of clean. The Moor you know, the Moor you grow, so Anchor your boat as we take you into the renaissance of soap…

But before we go any further into our Hand crafted EL Moroccan soap, or the restoration of Europe's hope, let's travel deeper within the root of who the Moors are, and why our soap received such a noble title. Back before ol’ Colombo sailed the ocean blue, back before Galileo, Shakespeare, Da Vinci or any other prominent European figure rose into the world of consciousness, there were Moors. Who were the Moors? They were the pioneers of Mathematics, Geography, Astrology and much more. As a matter of fact, the Moors, at the time, had colonized much of the World, including North America!

    In the 700s, Moors made what would be their final conquest into the territories of Spain. Europe at the time was in the Early Dark Ages! Think plagues, smallpox, war and rat infested streets. The Moors, with hundreds of years of culture and civilization under their belts brought a new age into Europe. In the 800 years that the Moors ruled, literature, culture and art flourished, and this brought the light that eventually blossomed into the European Renaissance or “Rebirth”(Rebirth=13 in numerology, hint hint…)

In the era which held the dark ages of Europe, twas said that bathing was one of the tools Moors used to pull Europe out of Dark ages. Where European law had forbidden bathhouses, viewing them as sinful and disease ridden because of early Roman examples, Moorish Law stressed hygiene and viewed cleanliness as purity. Bathing had a religious significance and Moors took pride in being “The cleanest”. One of the most essential elements in the Moorish bath was Rhassoul clay(Which comes from the word mean “To Wash”), also known as Moroccan red clay, prepared with herbs and spices like eucalyptus. This age old beauty regimen and the history of the Moors are what inspired our El Mooroccan Soap!



Our El Mooroccan Soap features two of the most prized ingredients in the rituals of the Moorish Bathhouse or Hammam, Moroccan Red Clay and Eucalyptus Oil.


  • Composed of 58% silica, which builds collagen in hair, skin and nails
  • High magnesium content nourishes internal body and detoxifies skin
  • Negatively charged particles pull and absorb positively charged toxins in skin
  • Mineral content reduces inflammation, making this perfect for sensitive skin!
  • Due to oil absorbing abilities, rhassoul clay is a natural soap that, unlike other popular ingredients, actually softens and strengthens skin, hair and nails while cleaning.


    Along with Rhassoul Clay’s amazing benefits Eucalyptus is another powerhouse, that complements the soothing and nourishing qualities of the soap’s main ingredient.

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Stimulates and warms the skin and hair which helps open and detox pores
  • Anti-Bacterial properties help fight away bacteria that cause acne
  • Decongestant - A warm shower with our El Mooroccan soap is the perfect way to fight sinus congestion.
  • Used as a muscle Relaxer

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