How To Find Your Self Worth

Delilah Bey

Posted on February 22 2017

How To Find Your Self Worth

How to Find your Self worth?


Being the best version of yourself. Isn't that what you think your life should be about? We want to constantly improve and keep up with the world we see around us. But how often do we see our own achievements. What are you good at? What are your favourite qualities and what do you love the most about yourself? Here are a few ways to be always feel awesome, not matter what situation you're in and how to cultivate constant self love and self worth.

Build Your Self Esteem

Looking out onto the world we always see how glamorous and great everything else is. Yet how regularly do we ever see images, accomplishments or achievements of our own. With unrealistic standards of beauty, living standards and relationships. You need to find your confidence and own it!

There are many ways to build your self esteem such as writing positive affirmations/reminders about yourself, listening to your own motivational speech, lots of pictures of images of yourself around you! and believing in yourself no matter what. Remember even if your not feeling 100 %, act as though your on top of the world even if you are just bluffing. Fake it till you make it!

To build confidence in social situations always look approachable and open, stand tall and keep your head up. Breathe in, out then repeat. Just changing your posture and thoughts alone can do the trick!

How to Find your Self worth?

Working Out And Eating Well

Working out and eating well come hand in hand. Breaking a sweat for at least 20 minutes a day will release feel good hormones. Eating well is much the same, make sure to eat lots of wholefoods, organic fruits and vegetables and plenty of water. Working out and eating properly boosts your confidence, eating better can promote a clearer mind and more positive thoughts, plus your body will look and feel great too.


Detaching is Detoxing

Sometimes all you need is some time alone. Away from everything your friends and family even your spouse. Detaching from everything aligns you with your truest self. The simple you that doesn't need to find your self worth externally. The more time you spend with yourself, the better. Knowing your worth is knowing the value you give to others. Detaching is like detoxing it increases focus so you can make the changes you want and need in your life. No one can define your worth except you.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

You know what you bring to the table. You know you are the most amazing person in your world! You get up work and feed your body everyday! You are your number one and you should only allow people in your life that support you and your goals! The people around to you should remind you that you are loved and special and that your worth more then diamonds and gold to them!

Love Yourself

What you think of yourself is what matters the most. In fact if your constantly finding flaws your just going to attract people that will find them for you. Learn to love yourself wholeheartedly, no matter what you look like or feel like. Make a list of reasons why you love yourself and read them aloud every day. Before you look in the mirror, compliment yourself out loud before you try to find a fault or a flaw. Don't listen to what other people say to you or about you. Just remember that it's what you think of yourself that really counts and no matter where you are in life your always worth a million!

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