Ocean Water and Sea Salt Benefits

Delilah Bey

Posted on December 28 2016

Ocean Water and Sea Salt Benefits

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The ocean, a beautiful place to relax and unwind. Going to the ocean is not also cleansing but detoxing and refreshing. It gives our bodies the vital sustenance we need when it comes to inducing love and happiness within us. Sea salt is mother nature's elixir. The sea is a constant flow of energy, the ocean means progress but it also means movement and flow of creativity. The ebb and flow of the ocean is truly mesmerizing and reminds us that the future is always before us.

Going to the ocean is purifying, each wave of the sea purifies you and removes stagnant energy in your life. We reflect on the old and regain focus on the new. A sacred place where there is never a time that you don't feel happy blissful ecstasy. The open sea is humbling, with amazing views of the mother nature that remind you of how small you are compared to the planet. The whole world is bigger than you are and much bigger than your problems around you.


Sea Salt Benefits on Skin

Sea salt is detoxing in such a naturally pleasant way to the body and is the reason you should try our sea salt collection. Providing the absolute best for skin, hair and nails. Sea salt is anti- Inflammatory great against breakouts and skin irritation, balancing oil production and hydrating skin when it needs it most. Stimulating skin and scalp circulation, preventing flaking and dandruff. It's also a natural treatment for psoriasis.

Not to mention relief from arthritis, muscle cramps and due to it's high magnesium content it improves electrolyte balance of the body. You'll have less general body fatigue and even a more relaxed sleep. Sea salt detoxifies you by flushing out toxins from the pores and improving blood circulation. 

Sea salt helps to heal your electromagnetic field that surrounds your body and can attract impurities and negative energies from the environment. Bathing in sea salt will relieve the body of these materials by unclogging the pores and maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance which is necessary for maintaining optimum functioning of the body in minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium creating the equilibrium of the body.

The sea helps you invoke things that you need into your life. The sea heightens your senses and your creativity. The ocean flows and we you flow with life, life is beautiful. So infuse your senses and wash with our sea salt collection infused with orange, grapefruit and lemon.

In our new Sea Salt Collection, we include the highest quality Sea salt which will feel you having cleansed and refreshed.

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