Why you should plant your feet today

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Posted on June 21 2016

Why you should plant your feet today
The Further we enter into the 21st century the more Trees, Forest, Lakes, Nature is Destroyed. We are Conditioned to be Apart from Nature when we are in fact made up from the of the Elements of Earth. Western civilization is disconnected from nature which is our Natural State of Being. They are Building concrete everywhere to keep you from Planting your Feet. Its time to Plant your Feet/Seeds, Replant Heel to Heal, Soul to Soil. Plug back into the source, the vine and Vibrate to the 13th Vibration so we to can Rebirth into Better Beings Following Universal Laws of The Most Highs.
A Study was done on Water by Masaru Emoto when you Speak Positive Thoughts or Words to that Water the Molecular Structure of the Water Beings to Change into a Beautiful Geometric pattern . When you Speak Negative Thoughts to that Water it begins to Distort and Look Broken. The Earth is alive and is vibrating at a Specific Rate. We are made up of Mostly Water so when we Plant our Feet Mother Earths Vibrations are Changing us on a Molecular Level.
Everyday new information is being downloaded into the Earth. When you Plant your Feet you start to Heal your body and Repair your D.N.A which holds information of who you are and why you are here. The Roots underground are the same as your veins. When you look into how Reflexology works you see that all organs are connected to the Roots of our Feet! 
Planting your feet Daily combined with Proper Sunlight and a Plant Based Diet will increase your Melanin count, The Building Block of All Matter. Helping you become a Super manna/Super Conductor! When you Plant your Feet Earth will give you so much Electrolytes through your feet Helping Strengthen Tone and Heal your Temple. 
Information will come to you when clear your mind and go within. You are made up of the same Elements of Earth Get Back to Nature! Go Ask a Tree for Healing Inhale Exhale & Then Plant your Feet for the information to be Downloaded. 
When you need help in Life, Go Plant your Feet.
When you Plant your Feet Earth will give you so much Electrolytes through your feet Helping Strengthen Tone and Heal your Temple.
How To Plant your Feet in 4 Steps:
Step 1: Dig a Hole 2 to 3 Feet Deep.
Step 2: Add Water.
Step 3: Cover Feet Tightly with Dirt.
Step 4: Add Water.
Now Be Like the Trees and Get In tune with Natures Harmonics! Plant your Feet 1 Hour Daily and Watch The Fruits you Produce!
Also Try Planting Your Water... 
Add Water in a Glass Jar.
Dig a Hole,
Plant Water.
Leave in Earth for 48 Hours.
Drink & Enjoy!
13Love to da13thsun for all his wisdom and knowledge he shares daily!
Here are 13 Benefits of Planting your Feet
  1. strengthens electromagnetic field
  2. detoxifies the body
  3. helps detach from worldly illusions
  4. deprograms the mind
  5. repairs d.n.a
  6. helps remember past lives
  7. reprograms the mind the right Way
  8. helps keep you intune to earths vibrations
  9. download information from the source
  10. heals the soul
  11. builds a deep foundation for your life
  12. keeps body filled with electrolytes
  13. keeps negative energies away
Special Thank you to Da13thSun™ for watering our Minds with Wisdom Daily!
Thank you for Reading! Now Go Outside and Plant Your Feet! 131313

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