Sugar, The world’s most Dangerous Drug!

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Posted on October 26 2019

Sugar, The world’s most Dangerous Drug!

Why You should stop eating SugarEver wonder why Sugar is in almost every product pushed by big time corporations? They have been promoting their Sugar Products on you since birth they even have a special Day here in USA were everyone dresses up as someone else, typically a dead version and goes around begging for sugar while saying Trick or Treat… Well I am here to tell you that The Tricks on You and You are the Treat and those who Celebrate are already Dead unbeknownst to them…

Sugar Demons

Sugar can cause an increase in delat, alpha and theta brain waves, which can alter the mind's ability to think clearly. Why are these giant corporations pushing Sugar when it alters our minds ability to think clearly? Sounds to me like somebody don’t want you to think for yourself.

Sugar can lead to alcoholism, wait what? Are you telling me that boy from elementary school who stayed eating candy every day is now an alcoholic? Yes I am, Liquor is also loaded with Sugar… Attracting Sugar Demons in your Body and Life. Wondering why your life never gets better and your still making the same mistakes year after year after year.

Sugar can impair the structure of DNA – We are made in the Image of TH Most High Elohim but these devils out here give you vaccination shots at birth injecting you with animal DNA to confuse you and cut your connection with your creators. We are born to lose in this system, but nobody said it would be easy, only that it would be worth it.

Sugar can suppress the immune system – Why oh why would we willingly weakening our immune system? Yes, the system is against you. Yes, your friends secretly hate you, Yes, you was sad broken and unaware at one time but why oh why are you still eating this white-redefined through pig and camel blood shit you call Sugar.

Sugar Robs the Body of Nutrients and Vitamins – I don’t know about you but I don’t like being robbed. Consume Buy Die is the name of the game but what if you could stop the robbery by simply learning to have self-control? We only have ourselves to blame for our own mistakes and downfalls don’t let Sugar be the reason your life is shitty.

So why is that Giant Ant Attacking a Man in the Picture for this Blog Post?

This is from a Movie “Empire of the Ants 1977” it’s a movie about Insectilians are here on Earth controlling the Minds of Humans who have forgotten who they are and are simply Obeying the Status-Quo without Reason. They have become indoctrinated with Their Way of Living and Eating that they no longer can Think for themselves. They have been imprisoned by Insectalians who are manipulating the minds of humans to keep themselves alive…

Hmm... for some reason that sounds familiar… anyways till next week’s post!       



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