The Power Of Focus, In Achieving Your Dreams

Delilah Bey

Posted on June 06 2017

The Power Of Focus, In Achieving Your Dreams

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Wondering why you can't achieve your dreams? Maybe your not focused on them, maybe they're not clear enough or simple enough. Maybe your being distracted by work, friends or family? Whatever the reason may be, it will be difficult to get closer to your dreams if you are not focused on them or have a clear idea of what they are. For example, when we look at the bigger picture, we see that life has no limitations and that although we may seem constricted to doing certain tasks, these monotonous duties only bring us closer to our overall dreams. Things that cause distractions like going out for drinks, partying and hanging out with friends all the time, will not get you any closer to reaching your dreams.

To focus is to pay a significant amount of attention to one or a few things at a time.Your focus can be on a particular interest or activity, yet essentially increased focus produces are clear vision and destination. As they say 'your focus goes where your energy flows', what are you paying attention to? How regularly do you observe your thoughts and define your focus? Whenever you are focused on the wrong things, it shows. Our surroundings have a wonderful way of showing us, when we're not focused and essentially when our vision is unclear.


How To Get Closer To Your Dreams


Visualize Your Dream


You have to see it, to believe it. Some of your greatest achievements came from just one idea before you actioned them. Visualise your dreams regularly, imagine yourself living it!


Speak About It


One thing I have learnt is that not sharing your dreams with other people, makes you less accountable to it. For example, if you share your idea and dream with others, they are more likely to push you towards it. Other people can help you out and see your vision, so instead of keeping your dream to yourself. Tell people, it helps motivate you to focus and also encourages because you haven't kept it in your own mind and to yourself.


Planning, Communication, Consistency and Commitment


Focus, of course, is a major key, in that you need to be focused and dedicated to whatever your dream is and chase it. This requires planning, communication, consistency and commitment, the 3 C's and one P! If you follow these criteria daily, it will become a lot easier to get closer to your dreams.


Know What You Want


Often your dream job, could really just be your dream lifestyle. That pay rise you dream of maybe really be you wanting a higher paying job, the two ideas seem very similar but they are not. Knowing what you want is definitive, it doesn't change when something happens, it doesn't change when someone else does it. It's exclusively yours because it's your passion; it should give you purpose and if you pinpoint what you actually dream of, and focus on it daily, there is nothing that can stop you! 


Focus On The Future, Now


Often we put limitations on ourselves, for example. I should have done this by this age, I should be doing that already because my siblings are, why don't I have this? How will I ever get out of that? We must live in the present moment but must not limit ourselves in any way whatsoever. The future is unwritten and if we begin to lose hope in ourselves, it;s easier to fall into that limited frame of mind, where we put constrictions on ourselves. Without giving yourself a sense of purpose, there can be no love and passion behind what you do. To achieve your dreams you need to believe in them, remembering that your dream gives you passion and purpose and that's why you want to achieve it.


Don't Get Distracted


Distractions are at an all time high, do what you need to do to keep your motor working, in your best interests. Don't let your mind become overcrowded with your own thoughts and distractions around you. At times this will seem difficult, but there's a way around it for everyone. Whether it be regular meditation, staying away from doubters or taking breaks from electronics,  something you can do to avoid distracting yourself from your dreams.


Reward Yourself 


A bunch of small objectives always amount to a large milestone. Congratulate and treat yourself, pat yourself on the back and keep working. When you've hit the jackpot treat yourself some more, then set a new dream a little bigger each time!


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