The Seven Hermetic Principles

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Posted on November 27 2019

The Seven Hermetic Principles

The Seven Hermetic Principles

The Principle of Mentalism:

Whenever you have a daydream or fantasy this is an aspect of mentalism.

When we are cooperating this principle for the purpose of manifesting you would be visualizing that which you want to create as if it’s already happening, you are visualizing it as if it’s taking place right now.

The Principle of Correspondence:

The old hermetic axiom As Above So Below also translate to as within so without.

The world around you is a reflection of the world inside you and vice versa, some modern pagan religions refer to this principle as the law of sufi.

The Principle of Vibration:                     

When we are altering our mood from sad to happy we are actually strengthening our vibration; We are amplifying, so when we are visualizing that which we want to create feeling that happiness as if its truly taking place at this moment we are elevating and amplifying our vibration which will actually make it manifest much more quickly.

The Principle of Polarity:

Everything on this physical plane has its polar opposite and just like when we change our mood from sad to happy we are polarizing our emotion we are altering it from one state to another this is sometimes referred to as mental transmutation we are changing our moods from one state to another which is what transmutation means it means to alter to change from one state to another.

The Principle of Rhythm:

Every situation you will encounter every conversation that you have has its own natural rhythm, its own natural flow. By understanding the previous principles, you can alter that rhythm you can alter that flow if you want to go with the flow and just be then that’s fine. If you want to manifest and create then you have to understand the previous principles to alter the natural rhythm that you are experiencing.

The Principle of Cause and Effect:

Every effect has its cause and every cause has its effect, when we throw a pebble into a pond we see the ripples spread out and that’s what we are doing here it’s a metaphor for what we’re trying to implant a change we want to have a ripple effect. The definition of Magic is implementing a change in conformity with the will and we implement that change by understanding the previous principles primarily the principle of Mentalism, Correspondence and Vibration.

The Principle of Gender:

Which is understanding of duality, Male and Female. We all have masculine qualities within us we all have feminine qualities within us one obviously dominates the other depending on whether you are actual male or female but understanding this duality you can actually rise above this duality of masculine and then rage peace good evil .

Understanding Mentalism, Correspondence and Vibration the first three principles we are actually controlling the remaining four and if you are manifest in the past has been less than successful its likely due to the fact that you have not implemented these principles of manifesting and creating primarily mentalism correspondence and vibration.

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