Why you should buy your Groceries from Local Farmers

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Posted on October 25 2019

Why you should buy your Groceries from Local Farmers

Why you should support Local Farmers. Tampa Bay, Florida

All great nations had great farmers. Nations thrived because they know how to cultivate food and were able to trade among neighboring countries. Th Farmer or Far-Moor is a true man, planting seeds to feed more than himself. Today we are desensitized to Planting our own Food because society is pushing us in a direction that is more convenient and cheaper to buy in big box stores.

Genetically Modifying Food is common, most food sold in a wrapper contains GMO byproducts. Dangerous pesticides are used to grow foods causing cancer and all kinds of health-related issues. Big Farm Corporations are now speeding up the farming process with Machines, shaking off the food from Trees with Force just to meet the demand of the over-eating, over-stimulated and inpatient society.

We are moving to quick and are missing out on connecting with the plants/food. When you talk to the plants/food (YES, THEY ARE ALIVE) and ask for healing, the nutrients of the plant to stay inside the food, when you forcefully take the fruit without asking the nutrients runs back into the ground.

So why you should buy your Groceries from Local Farmers? Most Farmers Market sellers are Small-Mid Sized Family Operated Business who are still farming the old fashion way. Real down to earth hardworking families planting seeds to keep food on their table and ours.

In Florida there are over 275+ Farmers Markets and over 48,000 Farms! Some Grocery Stores are now even starting to Support “Local Farmers” but be please do your research and ask questions if you are unsure of their source.

Why I choose to buy groceries from Local Farmers in Tampa, Florida.


  1. Produce will be Perfectly Ripe.
  2. Eat with the Seasons.
  3. Build your body with local Microbes, helping you navigate intuitively.
  4. Produce will be more nutritious and favorable.
  5. NON-GMO few or no chemical preservatives.
  6. Larger Produce Selection.
  7. Save Money on Reduced Produce.
  8. Build relationships in your Town.
  9. Helps support your local farmers keep doing what they love!

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