Health Benefits of Floral Scented Essential oils

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8 Ways the Forest can Heal you

8 ways the forest can heal you

  1. Improves attention.

The effect of walking though a park is equal to the peak effect of two typical ADHD Medications.

  1. Decrease Asthma

Trees filter airborne pollutants and reduce conditions that cause asthma and other repertory. Problems.

  1. Decrease Obesity.

Residents of areas with the most greenery are three times as likely to be physically active and 40% less likely to be overweight than residents in the least green settings. Children in neighborhoods with more green space are less likely to experience an increase in BMI.

  1. Improve Physical Health.

Contact with Nature can also help decrease blood pressure and reduce muscle tension. Workers without a view of nature from their desk are likely to claim more sick days than those who do not.

  1. Improve Mental Health.

Spending time in green spaces with trees reduces stress and brain fatigue.

  1. Reduce Traffic Accidents.

Highway drivers with views of natural roadsides display higher frustration tolerance. Landscape improvements to urban highways and arterials can reduce collisions by as much as 46%.

  1. Reduce Violence.

Trees are natural landscapes in public housing reduces domestic aggression and violence as much as 25%.

  1. Improves neighborhoods

In building with trees, residents report a stronger feeling of unity and cohesion with neighbors, feel safer and like where they are living more than residents with less trees around them. Outdoor spaces with natural landscapes have less graffiti, vandalism and lettering than spaces without any greenery.


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Top 10 Most Beautiful Camping Forests In America

Camping outdoors, hiking or any outdoor activity is great for your mind, body and soul. You can go on a solo soul exploring trip, or enjoy America's natural scenery with friends and family. Spending time in nature can be cleansing and therapeutic especially, for your mind. One of the daily challenges we face is that we are overworked and overstimulated, we don't take half as much time as we should to just sit back and relax, and believe it or not the best place to do that is in nature. 


Nature Can Heal Your Overall Well-being

Did you know that the color green not only enhances your mood and stimulates memory; but spiritual philosophy teaches us that camping outdoors and connecting with our divine mother nature can renew your cells and even reprogram your DNA. In nature, there are no distractions, in our surroundings. We simply focus on all the beauty around us, which we rarely ever do. Imagine that we connect to the planet just like plug sockets, the plants, trees and living bodies of water are all connected to the planets energies and when we spend time in nature we fuse with the healing energies of the planet too.

Disconnecting from WiFi And Gadgets

We are ALWAYS logged into something. Whether it be our mobile signal, social media, music or shows. We rarely ever take some time away from our WiFi and gadgets to really ease our minds from stress. Have you ever just sat by a tree, taken a deep  breath and let all the tension leave your body, it's one of the best ways to tone down and relax!

Nature Makes You Creative

Nature encourages you to think about things you wouldn't usually consider doing. Once you're plugged out of the artificial stressful aspects of life and plug into nature's sanctuary, it makes you think more and become more creative. After the first few times, you want to experience more and you definitely start thinking differently. Which leads to the next point.

Nature Makes Your Body Happy 

Nature encourages your natural curiosity to travel and wonder. We as humans are meant to see and experience new things and this makes for a fit and toned body in the process. Getting rid of those aches and pains from sitting in one place too long not to mention the breathtaking views you'll get to see, your eyes and body will thank you for the change of perspective.

Remember to take your natural 13Soaps™ with you on your journeys. For lightweight. naturally beautiful smelling soaps with the best ingredients mother nature provides. It's also completely safe for the environment and the planet. How fulfilling is that while enjoying the natural scenery on your hiking trip. You can't go wrong! Now plan your trip, get out there and get lost in nature. discover yourself with 13Soaps!

10 Best Places For Hiking/Camping In The USA

Some the most awe-inspiring places for camping and hiking in the USA are;

  • Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite is known for its intense hike with a gratifying view once you reach its peak. Ancient Sequoia trees, granite cliffs, galleries, museums and lodging.

  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone national park is the infamous wilderness area on top of a volcano. With luscious forests, breathtaking canyons, mesmerizing yellow stone lake which is great for fishing and alpine rivers. Not to mention a waterfall twice the height of Niagara falls. Home to hundreds of animal species.

  • Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park has many beautiful viewpoints. It's a well-known hiking destination and has many different routes as well as other outdoor activities like rafting.

  • Zion National Park, Utah

Zion national park is a nature preserve, where you find hiking trails that lead to waterfalls, rivers and pools. Not to mention outdoor activities, a museum, and high altitude mountain views!

  • Glacier National Park, Montana

A wilderness area in Montana's rocky mountains, with the infamous 'going to the sun road'. It has a photogenic hidden lake route. Plus it's great for backpacking,cycling, camping and wildlife.

  • Sedona, Arizona

With steep canyon walls and mild climate Sedona is known its trail heads around the town's outskirts. With dramatic sandstone formations, water chutes and even native American writing. It's great for hiking, mountain biking, camping and fishing.

  • Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Known for its spire-shaped rock formations, with dramatic overlooking views at sunrise and sunset. Loads of hiking trails to choose from and even horseback riding.

  • Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rocky mountain national park encompasses protecting mountains, forests and alpine. Known for its pinhole route climbing vertical rock faces. With longs peak being its tallest mountain it offers inspiring views.

  • Shenandoah National Park,

Shenandoah National Park has a vast network of trails. Mostly forested the park has many wetlands, waterfalls and rocky peaks to enjoy. It is also home to many bird species, deer, squirrels and black bears.

  • Mount Rainier National Park,

Popular with backpackers, glacier-topped mount rainier offers very high altitudes reachable by car. You can also view other volcanoes such as Mount Adams offering beautiful summer meadow views plus skiing in the winter time.

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5 Ways To Save The Environment

There are many different ways to protect the environment we live in. But here are 5 incredible ways to help save the planet:


By switching the light off behind you when you're finished. This helps reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. So things such as not leaving your electrical equipment on standby and using cooler washing cycles all contribute to making a considerable difference. 

Did you know that if we all turn just 2 lights off in our homes for 1 hour per day, we'd save more than 5 million kilowatt hours of electricity each year nationwide. The amount of coal could fill the empire state building 3 times.  

Using less electricity lowers mercury levels in the air, which means;

  • Less sulphur dioxide in the air causing less acid rain
  • Less nitrogen oxide causing the gas which leads to smog
  • Less carbon monoxide which can cause headaches and even death
  • Few hydrocarbons forming the ozone layer
  • Less arsenic which is cancer causing


Becoming more water efficient is so important in protecting our environment and saving our planet. Saving water helps protect your countries water supplies and keeps your environment healthy. A lot of the water from our reservoirs, bays and rivers are treated wastewater facilities which use a lot of energy, contributing to higher levels of pollution. It can also save you money and keep the wildlife around you happier and healthier. Try collecting rainwater and making sure leaky valves are tightened up.


Did you know that going veggie, can actually save the planet? I kid you not, going vegetarian or vegan makes a massive impact on reducing your carbon footprint. It is also the most naturally sustainable way to eat. 

Still not convinced? Here are some ways you're increasing your carbon footprint just by eating meat;

  • Overheating the planet, we eat 230m tonnes of meat which need food and water to grow, producing a lot of methane.
  • Using an excessive amount of land, you use much less land just growing fruits and vegetables that you can eat. 
  • Too much water, the amount of water needed to grow a pound of beef is nearly 9000 litres of water, with only 229 pounds of water for 1 pound of potatoes.
  • Deforestation, tropical rainforests are being butchered just so that the land can be used for grazing cattle, and livestock animals.
  • Poisoning the earth, rivers are polluted each year by leaking manure and urine from overcrowded animal factories. Large factory farms release shed loads of greenhouses gases such as methane and carbons dioxide, cows and pigs produce even more polluting gas.
Did you know that in Brazil the equivalent of 5.6 million acres of land is used just to grow soya beans for animals in Europe. which contributes heavily to work malnutrition in the developing world because they cannot grow food for themselves.
One of the best ways to save our planet and combat climate change is to plant a tree or start a garden. Trees and plants clean and cool the air. Plants also conserve energy by doing so. Trees are the lungs of the planet, they take in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, they provide shelter and homes for many animals and wildlife too. 
Planting a garden is good for the environment because we can attract and give homes to different wildlife, compost our food waste, collect rainwater and more. Eating your own home grown food, saves money on food bills and transport, it's good for your mind and body and reduces pollution directly.
Protect the planet by not supporting large corporations that don't care about the planet or our health. Large companies sell us chemically laden products with perfumes and unnatural substances. Causing rashes, skin irritation, inflammation and more. They not only pollute our bodies but our water, our environment, and our planet. 

Deforestation for the use of palm oil is absolutely devastating the world's beautiful rain forests. 13Soaps use absolutely no palm oil in their product and only use 100% recycled card stock packaging. 13soaps use the healing power of plants and nature. A completely eco-friendly and sustainable business.

13Soaps produce affordable soaps that will have you feeling amazing, just knowing that you're using a product that cares about your health as well as the planets. 13soaps promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging others to be aware and do the same. Life is good when you know the truth and the truth is nature.

Get your all natural, vegan, eco-friendly and handcrafted 13soaps using the best that mother nature provides, with only the highest quality essential oils, known for having beneficial healing properties for the skin, helping to nourish, hydrate and clean the body! Life is good using 13soaps™.

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Why you should plant your feet today

The Further we enter into the 21st century the more Trees, Forest, Lakes, Nature is Destroyed. We are Conditioned to be Apart from Nature when we are in fact made up from the of the Elements of Earth. Western civilization is disconnected from nature which is our Natural State of Being. They are Building concrete everywhere to keep you from Planting your Feet. Its time to Plant your Feet/Seeds, Replant Heel to Heal, Soul to Soil. Plug back into the source, the vine and Vibrate to the 13th Vibration so we to can Rebirth into Better Beings Following Universal Laws of The Most Highs.
A Study was done on Water by Masaru Emoto when you Speak Positive Thoughts or Words to that Water the Molecular Structure of the Water Beings to Change into a Beautiful Geometric pattern . When you Speak Negative Thoughts to that Water it begins to Distort and Look Broken. The Earth is alive and is vibrating at a Specific Rate. We are made up of Mostly Water so when we Plant our Feet Mother Earths Vibrations are Changing us on a Molecular Level.
Everyday new information is being downloaded into the Earth. When you Plant your Feet you start to Heal your body and Repair your D.N.A which holds information of who you are and why you are here. The Roots underground are the same as your veins. When you look into how Reflexology works you see that all organs are connected to the Roots of our Feet! 
Planting your feet Daily combined with Proper Sunlight and a Plant Based Diet will increase your Melanin count, The Building Block of All Matter. Helping you become a Super manna/Super Conductor! When you Plant your Feet Earth will give you so much Electrolytes through your feet Helping Strengthen Tone and Heal your Temple. 
Information will come to you when clear your mind and go within. You are made up of the same Elements of Earth Get Back to Nature! Go Ask a Tree for Healing Inhale Exhale & Then Plant your Feet for the information to be Downloaded. 
When you need help in Life, Go Plant your Feet.
When you Plant your Feet Earth will give you so much Electrolytes through your feet Helping Strengthen Tone and Heal your Temple.
How To Plant your Feet in 4 Steps:
Step 1: Dig a Hole 2 to 3 Feet Deep.
Step 2: Add Water.
Step 3: Cover Feet Tightly with Dirt.
Step 4: Add Water.
Now Be Like the Trees and Get In tune with Natures Harmonics! Plant your Feet 1 Hour Daily and Watch The Fruits you Produce!
Also Try Planting Your Water... 
Add Water in a Glass Jar.
Dig a Hole,
Plant Water.
Leave in Earth for 48 Hours.
Drink & Enjoy!
13Love to da13thsun for all his wisdom and knowledge he shares daily!
Here are 13 Benefits of Planting your Feet
  1. strengthens electromagnetic field
  2. detoxifies the body
  3. helps detach from worldly illusions
  4. deprograms the mind
  5. repairs d.n.a
  6. helps remember past lives
  7. reprograms the mind the right Way
  8. helps keep you intune to earths vibrations
  9. download information from the source
  10. heals the soul
  11. builds a deep foundation for your life
  12. keeps body filled with electrolytes
  13. keeps negative energies away
Special Thank you to Da13thSun™ for watering our Minds with Wisdom Daily!
Thank you for Reading! Now Go Outside and Plant Your Feet! 131313
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Free Buddhist Singing Bowl!

Shop This Week For a Chance to Win This Awesome Buddhist Singing Bowl!

Here at 13Soaps™ we know the importance of taking care of your Physical health, Mental health and Spiritual health! Eat Right Think Right Do Right!

We encourage you to meditate at least 2 times a day for 15 - 30 min if possible. Meditation is great when practiced daily!  We have been meditating with this singing bowl and have noticed great results!

Benefits of Sound Therapy with Singing Bowls:

  • Helps to Clear the mind from scattered thoughts.
  • Balances Left/Right Hemispheres of the Brain.
  • Helps remove any unwanted attachments that may be lurking up on you/around you.
  • Cleanses Aura Field from negative energy and emotions via Sound Vibrations!
  • Removes Stress

We loved this bowl so much that we ordered a brand new singing bowl to give away to one of you!!

Shop this week for a chance to win this Buddhist Singing Bowl! Winner will be announced 6/1/16!

    Singing Bowl comes with Wooden Mallet Velvet Embroidered Cushion, Hand Etched Om Mani Padme Hum Engraved and Embossed Buddha Inside.
    Large and Heavy Approx 490 Grams 6" Wide and 3" Deep!
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      How to Cleanse your Aura Field

      Drinking Lemon water in the A.M. helps digestion, Flushes the Liver and Boost your Immune System.

      Sunlight penetrates deep into the skin to cleanse the blood and blood vessels; Sunlight can also cure depression.

      Tai chi cultivates the qi or life force within us to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body while Qigong Strengthens the Organs!

      Trees have the ability to absorb negative energy and turn it into positive energy (much like they do with carbon dioxide into oxygen).

      Meditation helps improve mental focus, improves breathing and enhances self-esteem & self-acceptance.

      Salt Baths Eases stress and relaxes the body and Relieves pain and muscle cramps.

      Reduce your exposure to Electrical Gadgets these lower the bodies’ magnetic fields causing symptoms like fatigue, stress and sleep disturbances.

      Avoiding Alcohol & Drugs these Distort Your Perception of Reality and puts Stress on your organs – Every Time!














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      Health Benefits of Sitting Next to Trees

      Trees absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. Chinese Taoist Masters believe trees hold powerful healing properties, as well as the ability to absorb negative energy and turn it into positive energy (much like they do with carbon dioxide into oxygen).

      An experiment conducted in 2004 by Japan’s National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization indicated that people who simply looked at a forest for twenty minutes had a lower concentration of the stress hormone, cortisol, in their bodies. Furthermore, a significant amount of research has shown that simply being in nature and amongst the trees helps to decrease stress and anxiety, thereby increasing a number of health benefits.

      This is demonstrated by the Japanese concept, Shinrin-yoku, meaning “forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere”, which was developed in the 1980’s, and has become central to preventative healthcare in Japan. It is a simple concept based on the idea that if a person walks in a relaxed way in nature, they can achieve restorative health benefits.  Proven health benefits of Shinrin-yoku include increased immune functioning, reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, improved sleep and mood, increased energy, and accelerated recovery times.

      It is believed that the best trees for healing are big trees, particularly pine trees as they radiate Chi (energy or the life force), nourish blood, strengthen nervous systems, and contribute to long lives.

      source: https://goo.gl/U5SnYC

      Here are 7 Health Benefits of Sitting Next to Trees:

      1. Helps Eliminate Negative Energy

      2. Cleanses Aura Field

      3. Endues relaxed State of Mind

      4. Shares 13Wisdom and 13Knowledge

      5. Brings Mental 13Clarity™

      6. Lowers Stress & Anxiety Levels

      7. Strengthens Nervous Systems.


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      Change Your Breathing, Change Your Life!

      Focusing on your own breathing can have a significant impact on your well-being and stress levels, and can even create physiological changes like lowering your blood pressure. For thousands of years, the yogic practice of pranayama (Sanskrit for "extension of the life-force") has been used as a method geared towards reducing stress and healing the body and mind through targeted breathing exercises.

      Here are 9 Benefits of Deep Breathing!


      Stimulate brain growth! When controlled breathing is used during meditation, it can actually increase the size of the brain. Meditation that involves focusing one’s attention on the breath has the capacity to increase cortical thickness, according to a 2005 Harvard Study.

      Improve heart rate variability! Low heart rate variability (the interval of time between heartbeats) has been associated with a greater risk of heart attacks. A 2012 study found that non-yogic deep breathing practices can improve heart rate variability in healthy test subjects.

      Lower stress levels! If your breathing is shallow, your body is probably in ‘fight-or-flight’ mode reacting to stress, says Ardito. Taking a minute or two to sit quietly and focus on your breathing helps your body achieve a state of calm, shifting from functioning out of the sympathetic nervous system (characterized by drive, flight and ambition) to the parasympathetic nervous system, which puts the body in a state of ‘relax and receive.”

      Alleviate anxiety & negative emotions! Many of us have felt short of breath during times of panic or stress. This is the body's natural reaction to a perceived threat, says Ardito. Focusing on breathing can help to alleviate anxiety, symptoms of depression, and other negative emotions. Last year, Australian researchers found that deep breathing 30 minutes before a performance effectively reduced musicians performance anxiety.

      Reduce testing anxiety! A 2007 study published in journal Teaching and Learning in Medicine found that students who practiced deep-breathing meditation before an exam reported perceiving less anxiety, self-doubt and concentration loss than the students who did not practice deep breathing.

      Lower blood pressure! Taking slow, deep breaths for just a few minutes a day could help to lower your blood pressure, according to Dr. David Anderson of National Institutes of Health. While researchers have observed that slow, deep breaths can help to relax and temporarily dilate blood vessels, they don't yet know precisely why deep breathing has the capacity to cause a lasting drop in blood pressure, Anderson tells NBC News.

      Balance the left & right hemispheres of the brian! Breathing in through your left nostril will access the right “feeling” hemisphere of your brain, and breathing in through your right nostril, will access the left “thinking” hemisphere of your brain.  Consciously alternating your breath between either nostril will allow you to activate and access your whole brain.

      Cleanses the lungs! A daily five minute practice morning and night of alternate nostril breathing is great way to remove stale air and impurities from the bottom of your lungs. Did you know that 70% of our body’s waste products are eliminated via our lungs.

      Improves Sleep! If you can’t sleep at night lay on your right hand side, gently close your right nostril with your right thumb and breath through your left nostril. This will activate your parasympathetic nervous system which will calm you down and slow your heart rate.  Left nostril breathing is cooling, calming and nourishing for your whole being.

      Eucalyptus Oil is known to help decongust the Lungs helping you Breathe Better. Shower your way into a Healthier Life Style Pick up El Moor Soap Today!





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      WeWOOD Watch Giveaway!

      The goal of WEWOOD is to help restore Mother Nature, one watch at a time, by planting a tree for every WEWOOD purchased!

      Since 2011, WEWOOD has planted 300,000 trees! WEWOOD is committed to the health of our planet!

      We are very grateful to have received a donation from WEWOOD; They're story is truly inspirational!

      Of concern to all! A Tree is Worth $193,250


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