About us

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13soaps all began in a meditation while grounding myself in nature. It all came to me and the vision was simple; let's clean up the planet with all natural soaps. 

What does 13soaps mean? What does 13 signify?

13Soaps™ is a lifestyle, we are a brand that believes in cleansing out the old and making conscious choices towards the new. From the food, we eat to the products we put onto our body. This is why the 13 is Significant for to us because 13 Represents Transformation.

For example, when you look at a Musical Scale there are 12 different Tones and Then 13 Beings a New Tone 1 Octave up thus a transition from the old to the new. There are 12 Hours in a Clock and Starts again at 1. There are 12 Months in a Year and then Starts again at 1.  There are 12 Grades in High School and then you start all over again. This is set up by Design because there is Power in the number 13. When we look into Nature the planet has 13 Lunations a year. There are now even 13 zodiac signs. Either way, 13 is Significant to our daily Life in many ways!

Around the world, people are waking up to realize that there is more to life than what has been programmed into our minds via TV, News, Magazines, Movies and the media!

We provide a wide variety of soaps that can be used for all Skin Types.  We care about all diagnosed skin types and combination types pin between, we use essential oils elevate your mood. It’s important to us to use ingredients that really care for and heal your skin and your mind! We use rare yet natural ingredients because we care about your specific physical hygiene but your health and mental state too!



The Founders Of 13Soaps

Volts Bey and Ayanna Bey founded 13Soaps™ we are a married couple with two children who we adore! We live a simple yet meaningful lifestyle filled with passion and purpose. We eat a plant based diet and workout regularly. We love to go on Nature hikes, camping and sightseeing. We are a young couple with love for Life and being a helpful hand to our cousins all around the earth.


Our Mission

We started 13Soaps™ in July of 2015. Our Mission is to minimize the number of chemicals people are putting on their bodies but to also inform people how this can affect them on a physical and Spiritual Level. We like to say “not only are we going to wash your body! We are going to revitalise your mental state too.” We hope to continue to build the 13Soaps™ as an Empire of Sustainable Soap. Opening up a Team in Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia; selling a range of cleaning products from Pet Shampoos to Laundry Detergents to your everyday House Hold Cleaning Products.


We Are Proud Of What We Do!

Our soaps are formulated to Heal and Maintain the appearance of your skin every time you Shower. We stand behind our products 100% and know that once you start using 13Soaps™ regularly you’ll wonder why you didn’t find us sooner!