13Sage (Clary Sage Oil + Shea Butter)

Sage Body Soap | Sage Power and Clary Sage Oil | Floral Scented

$ 9.99

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13Sage stimulate the mind and help address mental fatigue and depression. Infused with Clary Sage Essential oil which acts as a natural Skin Moisturizer can help prevent signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin, which help prevent cracks, scars, and other unwanted marks on skin!

13Sage Soap is blended with Shea Butter for ultra hydrating skin! Shea Butter works with your skin to Nourish back to its natural state. Clary Sage Essential oil has anti-septic and antioxidants for a super clean shower! We added Ground Sage Powder which has been used in spiritual cultures for a sign of protection.

Ingredients: Saponified Coconut oil, Safflower Oil, 100% VegetableGlycerin, Purified Water, Sodium Stearate, Castor Oil, Sorbitol,Sorbitan Oelate, Oat Protein, Raw Shea Butter, Clary Sage EssentialOil, Ground Sage Powder.