Dark Matter Magnetic Soap - Magnetic Therapy

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May the Force Be With You!

This invigorating Magnetized soap collection will awaken your senses and leave you feeling like a Jedi! Magnetic Soaps are made with the refreshing essential oils to Kick start your day! These soaps will soften and re-hydrates your skin with the rich lather of Plant Based Butters and Oils.

Great for removing toxins from your skin and flush away waste products from your blood stream! Rubbing your body with Magnets will lead to better health and help build up your Electromagnetic Fiehttps://youtu.be/wcZIkxryBeAld! Leave your skin refreshed, your body invigorated and uplift your energetic body with Magnetic Soap Collection!

9 Magnetic Soaps

  • Sirius Citrus (Jojoba Oil + Orange Oil)
  • El Moor (Moroccan Red Clay + Eucalyptus oil)
  • Alkaline (Spirulina Powder + Spearmint Oil)
  • Mary Mint (Rosemary Powder + Rosemary Oil)
  • Amma (Cocoa Butter + Coconut Almond Ginger Oil)
  • Lavender (Shea Butter + Lavender Oil)
  • Rose (Rose Clay + Absolute Rose Oil)
  • Sage (Sage Powder + Clary Sage Oil)
  • Honeysuckle (Kaloin Clay + Honeysuckle Oil)