Dreadlock Shampoo Bar

Dreadlock Shampoo Bar Bar Residue Free | Vegan Plant Based Soap

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Keep Spiraling up!  

This Refreshing Shampoo bar gives your locs a deep natural cleanse! Our vegan Dreadlock Shampoo Bar is great for removing excess oil from your hair & scalphelping to mature starting locs! We make each bar with a loving blend of coconut and hemp oils to nurture the condition of your hair while maintaining your locs. Made with organic Tea Tree Oil to protect your locs against lice and other bacteria, this Residue Free Shampoo bar leaves your locs squeaky clean and Ultra nourished!  

Infused with Peppermint oil this shampoo bar wakes up sleepy hair follicles so your locs can grow Long and Strong! Love, Nurture and protect your Locs with this vegan, Eco-friendly Dreadlock Shampoo bar by 13Soaps! 

This 7 oz. bar is loaded with powerful mint essential oils! Leave your dreadlocks feeling refreshed & rejuvenated every time you shower!  

Ingredients: Saponified Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, 100% Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Oat Protein, Organic Castor Oil, 100% Pure Peppermint Oil, 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil, 100% Pure Rosemary Oil, 100% Organic Hemp Oil, 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil.