Plant A Tree Soap Pack

$ 79.99

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Help Plant a Tree, Shower with 13Soaps™

If your like most people you shower daily, staying clean is a must and always will be, now you can shower and give back to Mother Nature by Picking up a Plant A Tree Soap Pack.

Everyday is a good day to help restore the earth; Planting Trees benefits all mankind for today & future generations to come. Shower with 13Soaps™ All Natural Organic Plant Based Soaps and Help Plant A Tree.. Help Keep the Earths Lungs Breathing!

Our soaps are made with sustainable organic oils and plant butters from the earth that heal and maintain the appearance of your skin every time you shower. This Soap Pack Includes all our Full Collection of Cold-Process Handmade Soaps great for Repaying Karmic Debt also for Sharing with Friends and Family!

Plant a Tree Soap Pack Includes:

  1. Lavender Rosemary Shampoo Bar
  2. Tea Tree Peppermint Shampoo Bar
  3. Melanin Magic Face Wash
  4. Pyramid Face Wash
  5. The Great Outdoors Body Soap
  6. I'm Cool Like That Body Soap
  7. Tropical Breeze Body Soap
  8. Geronimoor Body Soap
  9. Stress Relief Body Soap
  10. 13Healing Eczema Relief Body Soap
  11. Glow Baby Glow Body Soap
  12. Up Up & Away Body Soap
  13. Mandarin Magic Body Soap
  14. Unscented Baby Mild Body Bar